The Life of Purple!   With Project Change!
Vacation Post 04/25/2011
Vacation Post 04/25/2011
This is the only post I shall be making my entire trip down here. It is nice and warm down here and I am sleeping in the front of a boat. :D :D :D Anywho, I ate pizza last night and had a horrible commerical flight down here. IT WAS SO CRAMP!!! That's about what happened yesterday. Purple, RELAXING!!!
Posting again 04/21/2011
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, just been lazy to post anything. So far I have episode 3 planned out just have to put everything in order. Yeah I won't be posting anything after Saturday for a while so that's about it. Purple, DONE!!!
I am Back 04/17/2011
I would have posted yesterday but my bus broke down 7 TIMES! Anyway, Ben, I looked all over the top for the video thing you said that doesn't need pro, didn't see it :\. I think there is only video pro and Youtube. Anyway I had fun. I yelled, I was lazy, and I ate like a mad man :D. That's about it. I will continue to try and post the videos soon. Purple is SICK! (out.)
One last thing 04/14/2011
I know I said I wouldn't post anything for some time but last night I had an idea for Purple's second episode. All I will say about is that Change is in it. Alright thats about it. I leave 5:00 PM so this IS my last post (unless I get on during school). PURPLE IS OUT FOR A FEW DAYS!
Daily Post #7 04/13/2011
Alright by the time this is posted I will have about 1 day 25 minutes until the band trip. I have finished up some of the stuff I have had to do. Well I won't be posting stuff for a few days but I will tell you how it goes on Sunday or Monday if I am to lazy Sunday. Alright Purple with a back stracher out!
Daily Post #6 04/12/2011
Well today, don't have as much homework...Have a meeting at 7:00. Not much so I am out.
Daily Post #5 04/11/2011
Well I surrvived day 1 of the 4 day wait. :D I got homework to thank. Yeah life given me troubles but I get through them even if they hurt a lot. Well I found another thing for my band trip. Back Stracher :D. I am lucky to be in the same chapperon group with Ben, yet we are with our principal as our chapperon so troubles of making a video lay ahead. Anyway new leave. }:{D} Unibrow mustache beard man OUT!!!
Daily Post #4 04/10/2011
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was bored so I layed in my room half the day. Since it is 6:54 PM it's 4 days til the band trip. Finished packing my clothes today and got some fun stuff to do on the bus ride. If you have anything fun to do besided sleeping, mp3 player, or Super Mario 64 DS, post it in the comments. I know all that I have right now won't be enough. So anyway new ending. MOO! *disappears*
Daily post #3 04/08/2011
So as you can see I got rid of the games pages for 2 new video spots. 6 Days til band trip. : |   That's all I can think of for now.... PURPLE OUT! *runs away*

The start of a new era has begun. The life of Purple and Change are my two creations. Be amazed by what happens with these two lives as they gone on many journeys and face hardships.